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Micro Transit Services
travel to over 60 towns via 12 routes
MTS Micropolitan Transit is an intercity and local door-to-door mobility service designed to connect air and rail service in large cities with micropolitan areas to benefit time-sensitive business travelers, vacationing families, groups and long-distance commuters. MTR is carried out in collaboration with local and regional partners across the United States.
Terms of Service
How Does it Work You Pay for the mileage you have calculated for your door to door service multiplied by the rate/mile per person listed here, inclusive of taxes and one carry-on. Additional luggage is charged at the rate of $ 0.02/mile/piece. 
Group Size         Cost Person/Mile
       1                       $1.00
       2                       $0.80
       3                       $0.60
       4                       $0.40
       5 +                    $0.20
How and When You Pay MTS is via Private Car, Van, Bus, Rail and local transfers and is inclusive of insurance, taxes, tolls, fuel and driver services, city to city and transfers, where applicable. Tips are not included.

Cancellation you may cancel your reservations without penalty at any time prior to trip start. We also reserve the right to cancel and/or modify your travel plans as required depending on weather conditions and other circumstances that are beyond our control.

Payments The Circle Payment Service is Free There is no charge to send or receive money and if you send between currencies you see the exchange rate in the app before you send a payment and there are no exchange rate markups or fees.
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