Night Line
A Regional commuter, business and vacation bus service that provides point-to-point overnight transportation to communities in the United States.
The Platform is a 50+ passenger bus reconfigured to carry a maximum of 20 paying passengers and two drivers. The interior is divided into two areas:
o   Reserved seating and sleeping for 20 with fully reclining seats in 5 rows of 4;
o   a lounge area with WIFI, TV, self-service snack bar and restroom.
Simple and Affordable All–Inclusive Rates
The Service is designed for evening departures and early morning arrivals at centrally located locations in 18 towns, with schedules that benefit:
§  vacation travelers who can maximize sightseeing time and reduce accommodation costs,
§  business travelers that improve productivity by visiting multiple locations in a compressed timeframe, and
§  workers and other long-distance commuters coming home from their out of state jobs in a timely and affordable fashion.
Local Lines
Micro Transit Services designed to provide last mile connections to our Night Line Service customers and other commuters, often working with existing public and private transport services. The focus is on developing new local routes where the community is underserved by applying fresh resources, appropriate technologies and related services.
Benefits include the economies of scale generated by collaborations among US communities, a focus on high-end tourism clients, the application of a trade routes approach leading to groups of clients traveling to multiple locations during a business or vacation trip, redundancies generated by multiple areas of focus - logistics, travel services, energy and water related activities.
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